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The Belper Unitarian Chapel

  1. Title Deeds of the Chapel and Conveyance
  2. The History of the Unitarians and Chapel in Belper
  3. The Construction of the Belper Unitarian Chapel
  4. Photos of the Unitarian Chapel - slideshow

Chapel Records


These are the baptisms at the Belper Unitarian Meeting house and/or chapel. The bundle is numbered D1973 JU/1-7 at the Matlock Record Office.

Two missing notebooks had been copied by one of the church ministers, and his copy exists on a fiche at the Record Office. Therefore there is a small amount of overlap in records and some differences between the two sets of data (my transcripts from the actual books and Revd Lloyd's copy) but when in any doubt I have put both readings, just in case.

Select the baptismal registers from the list below:  

  1. Burials transcribed from a board in the Unitarian Chapel.
  2. Burials from parish records (Unitarian Burials 1845-1919)
  3. Baptisms Book One 1776-1779
  4. Baptisms Book Two 1777-1782 includes Duffield
  5. Baptisms Book Three 1784-1785
  6. Baptisms Book Four 1785-1790
  7. Baptisms book Five 1790-1805

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