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These collections of books about Derbyshire, Belper, the Strutt family, the Cotton Mills, and the notable houses and families of Derbyshire are a valuable resource for anyone interested in researching the locality and families of Derbyshire.

I have personally transcribed some of the extracts, and other complete books are available for download. They are in the public domain, which is why I offer them freely for research here. However, please respect the fair usage of this website: I have spent a long time compiling these links and would appreciate if you would not reproduce it on another website without permission.

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History of Derbyshire

The Feudal History of Derbyshire: By John Pym Yeatman

  1. Five volume work ancient records of Derbyshire 11th - 13th centuries.
  2. The Domesday Book for the County of Derbyshire
  3. The Pipe Rolls for Derbyshire
  4. Lost Certificates or Knight's Fees from the Red Book of the Exchequer

Records, Names and Families

Record Collection, containing:

  1. The Derby School Register 1570-1901
  2. The Old Halls, Manors & Families of Derbyshire by Joseph Tilley
  3. Derbyshire Charters
  4. The 1663 Visitation of Derbyshire (Pedigrees of notable families)
  5. History & Gazetteer of Derbyshire: Vol1 1-3 Stephen Glover 1829
  6. The Kirk Family of Alfreton, compiled by Miranda S. Roberts 1912

Religious Records

Records of Religious Houses, Churches and other Sacred Sites

  1. The Monuments of Ashbourne Church Sir Brooke Boothby Bart
  2. Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire Vols 1-4 by Charles Cox in 1875
  3. Churches in Derbyshire - Goodeve Mabbs 1876
  4. The Origin and History of the Primitive Methodists Vols 1-2 Rev. H. B. Kendall, B.A
  5. The Origin of the Particular Baptists
  6. Wesleyan Memorials 1823 (Thomas Slater of Derbyshire and others) Compiled by Duane V. Maxey
  7. The Parish Registers of England
  8. A History of the County of Derby: Volume 2 [Religious Houses]

Strutt, Slater and The Mills

Book Information about the Strutts, Samuel Slater and the Mills

  1. The Cotton Manufacture of Great Britain By Andrew Ure, MD, FRS. Volume One. 1836
  2. A Collection of Decrees in Tithe Causes (Extract) by Hutton Wood (1799).
  3. The House of Lords Session Papers (Children in the Mills) Extract 1816
  4. Samuel Slater, The Strutts and the Mills George S. White, second edition 1838.

Derbyshire Topography, History and Antiquities

A Collection of books about Derbyshire County (part one)
A Collection of books about Derbyshire County (part two)

  1. A Collection of Fragments, History of Derby, Vols 1-3 by Robert Simpson (1826)
  2. The History of Derby By William Hutton 1817
  3. Bygone Derbyshire By William Andrews 1892
  4. Derbyshire Gatherings by Joseph Barlow Robinson of Derby
  5. The History of Derbyshire By John Pendleton 1886
  6. A History of Old Derbyshire By John Pendleton
  7. The History of The Manor & Manor House of South Wingfield By Thomas Blore
  8. The Beauties of England Vol 3 John Britton and Edward Wedlake Brayley 1802.
  9. Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire 1848 by Thomas Bateman and Stephen Glover
  10. Memorials of Old Derbyshire By Revd J. Charles Cox. With many illustrations. 1907
  11. A New Historical & Descriptive View of Derbyshire by D Peter Davies 1811
  12. Magna Brittanica Vol 5 1817.
  13. The Victoria History of Derbyshire, Volume One edited by Wm Page
  14. The Victoria History of Derbyshire Volume Two [See HERE]
  15. A View of the Present State of Derbyshire Volumes 1-2 By James Pilkington 1789
  16. The History of Chesterfield 1839
  17. The History of the Borough of Chesterfield, by John Pym Yeatman
  18. The Records of the Borough of Chesterfield, by John Pym Yeatman
  19. 29 Volumes of the "Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society"

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