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This particular section relates to the names of various prominent Belper families, along with other related people. On the older website I covered various families connected to my Green Lane project, including Briggs, Robinson, Lane, Keys, Bridges, Milne, Berkin, Spendlove, Taylor, Gration and others. These have now been relegated to my personal project as not being particularly relevant to visitors to this site.

 Note that some material is in summary form only and the complete documents are NOT to be found on this site. The document links refer to parcels of deeds in the Matlock Record Office.

  1. The STRUTT family
  2. The SLATER family
    1. Thomas Slater the Methodist Preacher
    2. Samuel Slater ("Slater the Traitor") Belper-born Industrialist of America
    3. Facsimile of Samuel Slater's Indenture Papers
    4. "A Memoir of Samuel Slater" by George S. White, second edition 1838.
    5. The above book downloaded direct from this website(18 MB PDF)
    6. "Landscape of Industry" Chapter 2 - The Slaters in Rhode Island; many illustrations. (2MB PDF)
    7. Slater Family Trees (Derbyshire)
    8. Another site with the family of Samuel Slater
  3. The STATHAM Family
    1. Thomas Stathum 1350and others
    2. "Descent of the Family of Statham" by Rev.S Statham (book, in PDF format 300 MB)
  4. The WARD Family
    1. Record Office Documents
    2. Pedigree of the Bradley and Ward families, from various sources
    3. The Wards in Belper
  5. The BOOTH Family (of Salvation Army Fame)
  6. Richard ARKWRIGHT
    1. Early Origins and Parentage Discussed
    2. Sir Richard Arkwright complete biography
    3. Richard Arkwright in "Cotton Then and Now"1946
    4. Extract of Samuel Smiles's book, "Self Help" 1859
    5. "A Compendious History of Cotton Manufacture (1823)" exposing Arkwright's dishonesty (PDF 5MB)
    6. "History of the Parish of Preston" book containing early information about the Arkwrights (PDF 27MB)
  7. Thomas CROFT the Belper Poet, and his family
  8. Joseph ROBINSON the first cotton mill owner of Belper
  9. The BOURNE family of Pottery & Methodism in Belper
  10. OTHERS - a short collection of other Belper/Derbyshire names

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