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The History, Topography, Archeology, Geology,
Population, and Trade of Derby and Derbyshire. (Page Two)

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Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire [Download HERE]

"...and the sepulchral usages of its inhabitants from the Remote Ages to the Reformation." London 1848
by Thomas Bateman and Stephen Glover

Religion, Weapons, Dress, Tumuli, Excavations, Circles, Stones, Earthworks, Fortifications, Roman artefacts, Saxon finds, Medieval Churches etc



Journals of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society


29 Volumes in all, filled with fascinating and valuable local information, with many line drawings, illustrations and engravings.

The set covers the years 1879-1906

To get the entire set, start downloading from this index page. It is also viewable and downloadable from the Biodiversity Heritage Library HERE.

The Journal continues to today. An index to the Journal from 1879 to present is located HERE with contents of subjects year by year.





Memorials of Old Derbyshire [Download HERE]

By Revd J. Charles Cox. With many illustrations. 1907

Historic Derbyshire
Prehistoric Burials
Prehistoric Stone Circles
Swarkeston Bridge .
Derbyshire Monuments to the Family of Foljambe ,
Repton: Its Abbey, Church, Priory and School
The Old Homes of the County
Wingfield Manor House in Peace and War .
Bradshaw and the Bradshawes
Offerton Hall
Roods, Screens and Lofts in Derbyshire Churches
Plans of the Peak Forest .
Old Country Life in the Seventeenth Century .
Derbyshire Folk-Lore .
Jedediah Strutt by the Hon F. Strutt. starting page 371

A New Historical & Descriptive View of Derbyshire [Download HERE]

"from the remotest period to the present time" by David Peter Davies (Makeney - April 10th, 1811)
Printed by S.Mason, Belper. "Embellished with a map and plates"

Celts, Romans, Geography, mines, civil and ecclesiastical divisions, remarkable ocurrances, eminent men, the Deanery of Derby and other places.

Magna Brittanica Vol 5 [Download HERE]

A concise topographical account of the county of Derbyshire, by Daniel Lysons and Samuel Lysons. 1817.

Geographical Description, Natural History, Produce, Manufacturers, Antiquities, Customs, Parochical History - churches, castles, manors, monsteries, halls etc., Index of Names

The Victoria History of Derbyshire, Volume One [Download HERE]

The Victoria History of the Counties of England edited by Wm Page FSA
Vol 1, Derbyshire

Natural History
Early Man
Romano-British Remains
Anglo-Saxon Remains
Early Christian Art
Introduction to the Derbyshire Domesday
Text of the Derbyshire Domesday
Ancient Earthworks
Index to the Derbyshire Domesday

Little Chester Artefacts






Objects from Little Chester, Page 219

Geological Map
Orographical Map
Botanical Map
Pre-Historical Map
Romano-British Map
Anglo-Saxon Map
Domesday Map
Earthworks Map

The Victoria History of Derbyshire Volume Two [See HERE & Download HERE]

1 Religious houses of Derbyshire - Introduction 41-42
2 House of Benedictine nuns - The priory of King's Mead 43-45
3 House of Cluniac monks - The priory of St James, Derby 45-46
4 Houses of Austin canons - The abbey of Darley 46-54
5 Houses of Austin canons - The priory of Breadsall 54-56
6 Houses of Austin canons - The priory of Gresley 56-58
7 Houses of Austin canons - The priory of Repton, with the cell of Calke 58-63
8 Houses of Premonstratensian canons - The abbey of Beauchief 63-69
9 Houses of Premonstratensian canons - The abbey of Dale 69-75
10 House of Knights Hospitallers - The preceptory of Yeaveley and Barrow 75-77
11 House of Knights of St Lazarus - The preceptory of Locko 77-78
12 Friary - The Dominican friars of Derby 78-80
13 Hospitals - Alkmonton 80-81
14 Hospitals - St Leonard, Chesterfield 81-82
15 Hospitals - St Helen & St James, Derby 83-84
16 Hospitals - St Leonard, Derby 84-86 17 Hospitals - St Mary in the Peak 86-87
18 Colleges - Collegiate church of All Saints, Derby 87-92

A View of the Present State of Derbyshire Volume One [Download HERE]
A View of the Present State of Derbyshire Volume Two [Download HERE]

"A View of the Present State of Derbyshire", By James Pilkington 1789

Published in two volumes, with an exquisite county map, this is a fabulous and incredibly detailed study of Derbyshire as it was in 1789. All of the places have wonderful descriptions and important historical facts. Even the tiny hamlet of Marketon is described as having only twenty houses, "several have lately been taken down and the inhabitants removed to Mackworth". With over 950 pages in total, this really is one of the most comprehensive single county history and topography volumes available. There is no index.

1. The History of Chesterfield [Download HERE]
2. The History of the Borough of Chesterfield, Yeatman [Download HERE]
3. The Records of the Borough of Chesterfield [Download HERE]


(1) "The History of Chesterfield with particulars of the hamlets contiguous to the town, and Descriptive Accounts of Chatsworth, Hardwick and Bolsover Castle." Illustrated with Engravings. 1839.

Churches, Dissenting places of worship, Population, Trade, Public Buildings, Local Institutions, Charities, Poor Law Union, Deanery, Rectors, etc.

(2) Yeatman's "History of the Borough of Chesterfield, and the Hundred of Scarsdale", reprinted from the "Feudal History of Derbyshire" by John Pym Yeatman, Barrister at Law.

(3) Yeatman's "Records of the Borough of Chesterfield, a series of extracts from the archives of the Corporation of Chesterfield." 1884. Various ancient charters and records with names of notable people.


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