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This page contains information about, and record numbers of, the Maps and Plans of Belper held by the Record Office at Matlock.

I do not possess any of these maps, and they are not on my website. This page is simply to help you locate what you need, and go with the appropriate record number to the Record Office to see the document.

Record Office Guide (in PDF format) about maps

TITHE MAPS: Belper References

D2360/DL 98a - Copy
D4 98b 1844
Town Centre - DL 98L 1842

ENCLOSURES: Duffield/Belper, etc

ACT 1786, D769, B/12/18/7
Award of 1791 - D176 A/P2/ also D1564
Copies of Award - Q/RIC 34
Belper Only - D1473


D3479 1/6 1/7 and late date 67/91


27A Belper Lands SK350479 (W) East Bank of Derwent, Ref SL, Def 35
27B Bergan Croft (Berkin??) "Lands in Open Field" SL Duf 65
28 More Land SK 350479 Adjacent to Wirksworth Lane

Map Record Numbers

Belper and Heage Manor 1698 (D5875)
Belper Whitemoor 1742 (D3295/1/18/10)
Belper Chevin Ward (including Makeney) 1787 (D1564)
Belper copy map of Chevin Ward (including Makeney) 1787 (D4996/6/68)
Belper Parliamentary Enclosure Plan 1791 (D1564/1)
Belper Parliamentary Enclosure Plan 1791 (D1473)
Belper Lands near Lane End Valley 1796 (D3772/T4/7/6)
Belper land near Derwent, Makeney 1801 (D3772/T1/14/2)
Belper J Hicking’s copy of enclosure plan 19th cent (D1564/2)
Belper Wyver Farm 1809 (D1564/4-5)
Belper Lawn Farm 19th cent (D1564/5)
Belper Allotment of Sheffield Hospital land 1807 (D1564/6)
Belper Mills and the River Derwent from Blackbrook to Lawn Farm 1810 (D1564/7)
Belper River Derwent, Hurt’s forge and circular weir [1816] (D2535 M/4/9)
Belper J Hicking’s plan of Strutt estate in Belper, Duffield and Makeney 1818 (D1564/3)
Belper Bennett’s plan of township 1820 (D1564/24)
Belper and Duffield enclosure allotments 1820 (D1564/25)
Belper Matlock Road alterations c1826 (D1564/8/1-3)
Belper Cromford Road alterations 1828 (D1564/9)
Belper Broadholme Road 19th cent (D1564/10)
Belper New Road through Woodyard 19th cent (D1564/11)
Belper Cooper and Winson’s premises c1835 (D1564/12)
Belper Tithe Map 1844 (D2360/3/98a)
Belper Town plan 1863 (D4474/2)
Belper Railway line inc town centre late 19th cent (D2912/26/24)

For additional maps & plans relating to the Strutts in Belper, see here

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